Study English in Ireland


For those seeking an alternative to studying English in the UK, Ireland offers a perfect solution. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Ireland while mastering the English language with the assistance of schools accredited by MEI (Marketing English in Ireland).

Why Study in Ireland?

We work with schools accredited by MEI – Marketing English in Ireland – an association that will ensure you get quality tuition from whichever school you choose. They represent English Language schools of all sizes, locations and varieties across the island of Ireland.

Ireland is an amazing country, rich in culture, history and tradition. It’s a nation of writers and storytellers, so it makes a great choice as a location for a student to learn English.

It's modern and progressive, beautiful and peaceful, and with a friendly, helpful and welcoming population. With over 80 schools to choose from, the MEI member schools are in every imaginable location, from vibrant, exciting cities to spectacular, roaming countryside – it really is a wonderful place to learn English.

We are proud to promote Ireland as an exciting and welcoming destination to learn English.

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Higher Education in Ireland

Ireland is also home to renowned universities such as Trinity College Dublin, University College Cork, Maynooth University, and the Universities of Limerick and Galway.

There are a total of eight universities to choose from across Ireland, in addition to technical colleges providing a range of vocational courses. The country hosts over 35,000 international students from more than 150 different countries each year.

As a member country of the European Union, it is now the only English-speaking country in the EU after the UK left following the 2016 referendum. Students from other EU member countries can therefore access language study and higher education with relative ease.

Study in Ireland

Irish higher education qualifications are equivalent to the UK so you can be sure your degree carries as much weight as a British qualification.

There is also a Free Fees Initiative for EU students which may mean you do not need to pay tuition fees if you fit the criteria. (You must have lived in the EU for a minimum of three of the preceding five years.)

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