Learning English in its homeland – the UK


The UK has always been at the heart of learning the English language. Today, there are around 430 quality-assured centres across the four nations of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. That’s a great selection for you to choose from. And we can guide and advise you at every step of your journey to study in the UK.

Putting your peace of mind first

You can choose us with complete confidence for your study in the UK, all the schools we partner with are accredited by the British Council and English UK, our national association of accredited English centres for international students.

Study in the UK with a British Council and English UK accredited institution and you’ll be learning with the world’s English experts, sure in the knowledge that you're getting the highest quality and value from your course.

The centres we work with are committed to delivering high standards of tuition. They undergo rigorous regular inspections.

Great Britain and beyond

Besides working with schools across the UK, we work with language centres across the world, from Ireland and Malta to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the USA.

For example, Ireland has over 100 English language schools, and a wide range of courses, to choose from. The schools are located in every imaginable location across this beautiful, friendly country.

From vibrant, exciting cities to the spectacular countryside, it’s a magical place to learn English. And they are all quality assured by Marketing English in Ireland (MEI) – the nation’s leading association of English language schools. 

Malta is also a great alternative location for English language study and study abroad – the island has over 40 schools to choose from. Most of these belong to FELTOM - the Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations in Malta. So, you can be sure of a high-quality experience and excellent accommodation options in a beautiful Mediterranean location.

Whether you choose to study in the UK or another of our amazing destinations, we can also help you access several industry-specific English language courses, in subjects like:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Business
  • Aviation
  • Managerial & Executive
  • Media & Culture 
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Diplomatic
  • One-to-One
  • IELTS or other test preparation
  • CELTA & DELTA Teacher Training courses

We make studying English simple

When you talk to us about studying the English language, you’re in the best possible hands.

We take pride in taking all the hard work out of the process for you. Our proven approach works in clear, simple steps:

  • We put you first. We listen carefully. We discuss your requirements in depth to fully understand your needs and ambitions
  • We do all the necessary research, then make our recommendations based on the most suitable options
  • We’ll advise you on the school but also, its location – whether that’s city or town, coastline, or countryside. Again, this is all based on your preferences, or you can rely on our expert knowledge to recommend a great place to study
  • We’ll offer you accommodation options and help with a wide range of other essentials, like insurance and visas
  • We’ll assist you with your application, and the whole enrolment procedure and obtain the necessary acceptance letter for you
  • We are always available to help with any questions, issues, or concerns that you may have.

Near or far, you’re always close to us

We’re happy to talk to you while you’re still in your home country to better understand your requirements. Simply provide us with a suitable telephone number and we’ll do the rest. 

Once you’re here and ready to study in the UK, we’re proactive with our advice and aftercare. So, whether you want to change your learning centre, need advice on a follow-on course or perhaps different accommodation, we’re on hand to help.

Study English for a specific purpose


Students start their learning with General English – listening, reading, writing and speaking, and once mastered often wish to learn English for a specific purpose (ESP). They may need it for general business communication, or for law. Perhaps they are planning to study medicine or work in the oil and gas industry and need to learn specific terminology. 

Aviation is another important sector where candidates must have a high level of English for international communications and for safety purposes. Whatever your aim – whatever your specific need we can find the relevant course for you in the following topics:

  • Business & Executive
  • Banking
  • Aviation
  • Media & Culture
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Law
  • Medical and PET
  • Diplomatic

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