Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions set out the relationship between Atava Limited (trading as Atava Education & Training) and you, the student.

We help international students and clients to gain admission or access to UK education and training. We also offer alternative options in other countries around the world. 
These Terms set out the obligations and understanding of both parties.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and if you require further clarification, please contact us, or take professional advice.

Honesty and integrity during the course application and visa application process are extremely important and as an ethical company, trusted by our education partners and signed up to the London Statement issued by the British Council, we abide by the seven principles that agents should adhere to, to ensure the practise of good business ethics, and the provision of current, accurate and honest information to prospective students so they can make informed choices. We also expect our students and clients to always act with honesty and integrity.

In the interests of transparency, we would like to explain how Atava Education and Training earns money. Many educational institutes will pay a placement fee to us when we successfully advise and assist a student to obtain a study offer. They will only pay Atava when the student has arrived and enrolled and paid their tuition fees.  If the student leaves in the first 4-6 weeks or first semester, then Atava will not receive any remuneration. Please be aware, that not all institutes pay us fees, and some courses are exempt – for example, some dentistry and medicine courses.

Atava believes in obtaining the best and most appropriate study options for their students, so we will never refuse to help if a student requests support to study at an institute with which we do not have an agreement, or that does not pay us.

Like any company, we need to be paid for the time we spend providing our service so we will discuss a consultancy fee with you in situations where we will not be paid by the institution. This fee may vary according to the specific service requested and is therefore on a case-by-case basis. We also charge an initial fee to cover our administrative costs. If you enrol and start the course we have secured for you, we will refund 50% of this to you upon completion of the first term.

There are other circumstances in which we may need to charge a fee – for example:

*if the case becomes very complex, and we need to make more than five applications;
*if you need help and advice on the visa process which includes checking the application and financial documents;
*or if you defer your course more than once.

Other situations where we will charge fees include if you have used our services for advice, course research and applications, and where you may also have received an offer and then decided not to proceed, or you changed to a different agent.

These fees will vary according to the situation, and we will provide guidance on the level of fees when you send us your enquiry.

When you engage our services, we will ask that you print, date, hand sign, and return a copy of these Terms and Conditions along with your application information and documents. A copy of these terms is set out below.

  • I agree that if I decide to take the services of Atava Education and Training I will be truthful to the best of my knowledge. I will act lawfully and will not breach the Terms & Conditions of this agreement

  • I agree that if I engage the services of Atava Education & Training I will not also submit another application directly for the same institution or appoint another agent or agents to submit applications for the same, or other educational institutes. This is to avoid duplication of effort and avoid confusion among educational institutes

  • I will give Atava Education and Training two months’ written notice with reasons if I decide to withdraw from using their services. [This will enable us to cancel and withdraw ongoing applications. Please see separate Conditions regarding possible fees]

  • I give my consent for my personal data, information, and documents to be used by Atava Education and Training for my admission applications and any related purposes and agree that these may be shared with third parties for the purposes of course application and evaluation. Please see here for details of our Privacy Policy and how we use and store your data

  • I declare that I shall give Atava Education and Training genuine information and authentic documents. I will not withhold any information, document or information that may mislead them or any educational institution to which they apply on my behalf. I remain liable for any false information or document I provide and will bear any subsequent consequences. I declare that I will not hold Atava Education and Training responsible for any negative consequences due to my submission of false information

  • I agree that I will supply Atava Education and Training with all necessary documents in good time to process the applications in a timely and efficient manner and to enable any visa process to proceed without delay. I will not hold Atava responsible for any adverse consequences caused by my failure to supply relevant documents in good time

  • I understand that Atava Education and Training are usually paid a placement fee (often called commission) by an educational institute and that this is only paid if I arrive and enrol successfully at the place of study. I understand that if I wish to study at a school/college/university that will not pay Atava, then I will be expected to pay a consultancy fee for the services that Atava provides and the time they spend on my placement

  • I understand that my visa will be in jeopardy if I do not attend classes for at least 80% of my course. This is the minimum required by the UKVI (in the UK) and the educational institution has a duty to report attendance that falls below this level. I agree to attend my course and inform the relevant person if I am unable to attend for any reason

  • I agree that I will let the relevant Immigration Authority know immediately about any change in my circumstances (including address changes) while studying abroad

  • I agree to keep my personal data and contact details up-to-date and will inform both my place of study and Atava Education and Training if they should change

  • I agree not to make unlawful requests to gain admission to a course or to the UK or any other country

  • I agree that once enrolled, I will comply with academic regulations and will not damage the reputation of the educational institute represented by Atava Education and Training

  • I agree to read the terms and conditions of the institution at which I choose to study and will act in a way that is in keeping with their expectations

  • I agree that I will not damage intellectual properties belonging to Atava Education and Training or that I will not use their Intellectual Property or resources for the commercial interests of myself or any other party

  • I agree that I will not defame the name of Atava Education and Training. In the event of any potential problem arising, I will first seek to resolve this directly with Atava and will not engage in any negative publicity regarding Atava Education and Training

  • I agree that I will not breach the terms and conditions of my time abroad as an international student and will abide by the law of the country in which I am studying

  • I agree that I will act with due propriety at all times in accordance with the laws of the country of study

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