Leith Mehdawi

Leith Mehdawi

When first I came to England finding a school that suits me in different cities was a bit of a hard time especially with no previous experience. Contacting Angela from ATAVA made it basically quite easy to meet satisfaction and find what I’m looking for. Lastly what I liked the most was that every single detail I have mentioned was taken in to consideration with a direct connection and fast-paced process. So thanks.

Hodaifa Almakawi 3

Hodaifa Almakawi

When I went to England I was studying in Hastings, after 12 weeks I called the Embassy to find a school in somewhere else. They recommended me to contact Angela from ATAVA, when Angela called me by phone it was really hard for me to speak another language, and my English was weak, but in all that she was really friendly and quite patient and took me to different school what I’m looking for. I’m really grateful. Thank you so much Angela. Thanks ATAVA.

Omar Al Kezza 2

Omar Al Kezza

“It was complicated more than think to find a school or a good course to study English and I had a lot of troubles. At the beginning that I discovered to find a good place and contact with the school was much more harder than learning English, until I found Atava “Angela Taylor” and that was like turning point!

Angela took into consideration all I want and has been offered a really good school and beautiful city. She was making sure that I can study in good atmosphere even to get a nice accommodation “family”. Dealing with Angela was for me like not a business but was like friendship. From that time I have been advised my friends who are looking for studying English to contact with Angela, and doesn’t matter where are you in UK or in your country she can help you easily.”